Non-alcoholic drinks for your wedding reception

http://www.babyzone.comAlcohol may not be a welcomed ingredient for your wedding. I coordinated one wedding where the bride’s sister had been killed by a drunk driver and there was no way that her family equated celebration with alcohol. The bride still wanted her drinks to add zest, just sans the alcohol. We made virgin signature cocktails for her wedding that quite frankly were as good as if they had alcohol in them.

Travelin Joe Espresso Catering

Travelin Joe Espresso Catering

At another wedding the big hit of the evening was an espresso catering cart that made the best mocha cappuccinos I had ever tasted. Guests thought the carmel lattes were amazing as well. I remember everyone dancing so much more than the usual wedding and then I realized that the quantity of caffeine that was being consumed was quite different than most weddings. I loved that they made yummy hot chocolates for the kiddos. We added a silver tray filled with Nona’s Biscotti and chocolate dipped strawberries to complete this special after dinner treat.

I have been a fan of slush machines for a long, long time. Renting a professional slush machine can you to make daiquiris, margaritas, bellinis, and so much more with or without alcohol. Slush machine rental companies have all the ingredients you’ll need to make a hit with your guests.

My all time favorite alcohol-free wedding was a 50’s themed wedding that had a full Soda Bar staffed with a costumed “Soda Jerk” that made amazing phosphate drinks as well as the most delicious chocolate malts and strawberry shakes.

For a fall wedding what could be better than serving hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks? For a Winter Wonderland wedding serve hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows (so much better than the store-bought!) And for a spring or summer wedding, large glass containers of lemonade, sun tea and citrus infused water is simply perfect.kitchenkapers.com2_2080_41223487

For some yummy recipes check out:

Zero-proof Cocktails by Liz Scott

The Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide by Sharon Tyler Herbst

The Mocktail Bar Guide by Frank Thomas and Karen Lancaster Brown

8 Great Non-alcoholic Cocktails by Sandy Kendall

What non-alcoholic drinks have added a special touch to your celebrations? Please share your recipes and pictures!

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5 Responses to “Non-alcoholic drinks for your wedding reception”

  1. Debbie says:

    I so appreciate this article. My father is an alcoholic and I hate having temptation around for him. The books you recommended are great and I will definitely be less stressed knowing I can still have great tasting and great looking beverages without the consequences of alcohol.

  2. Shar says:

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for this article. I read this last month, just before my wedding. I bought all the books you suggested and then we hired a bartender to coordinate a non-alcohol bar. We chose 8 different no-alcohol drinks to have on our Bar Menu and then named them for members in the wedding party. They were an absolute hit! Personally I drank the “virgin-or that’s what her mother thinks – margene-ritas” (her mom laughed – we knew she would – Margene is 30!)

    Around 9p.m. we had a coffee bar as well and the hot chocolate was a hit too! My mom got so excited about the idea of homemade marshmallows that she made all these different flavored ones – few made them in the hot chocolate because people were so fascinated with them that they just kept on popping them in their mouth! We also had these thin chocolate covered peppermint sticks that people put in their hot chocolate. No one missed alcohol at our wedding and people are still talking about how great the drinks were!

    My girlfriend (who is planning her wedding) had found this church with a great reception hall (overlooking the San Diego bay) but they do not allow alcohol. After my wedding she realized that she could rent the church and reception hall and still have a great reception. She’s going to try the soda jerk/malt bar you suggested. I think you have started a trend among my friends! It’s a good thing!

  3. Dianne says:

    I hate that it took me so long to comment on this article. I love that you wrote this article! We had slush machines at our wedding and they were the hit of the party.
    We made virgin margaritas and pina coladas in the slush machines and then we had a regular bar where if they wanted an alcohol drink they could get one. Most people just drank the slush machine drinks without alcohol. I love that we had such great choices for our guests.

    My sister plans to use the slush machine for her rehearsal dinner since she is going to serve mexican food, it will be perfect!

  4. Tea Party Latest says:

    Hey, great writing.

  5. Valarie says:

    I love love love this post! I hate alcohol and really hate how stupid some of my nearest and dearest act when they consume it. I lost three friends in a car accident – they drove home drunk from a friend’s wedding. Of course it ruined the memory of the wedding for the bride and groom and it is a night I will never forget – the biggest nightmare of my life.

    Anything you can do to promote alcohol free celebrations will save lives. Consider yourself my hero.